55 West Condo Goes Rental Downtown Orlando

55 West, downtown Orlando’s (beautiful) condo “problem child” finally opened its door last weekend to the public. For renting. After a couple of false condo sale starts and unconsumated attempts to turn it into hotel, ZOM has taken over the building as a rental and will begin leasing this weekend. 

Sad for 55 West condo buyers who had their deposits returned, but luck perhaps for renters, who now get to enjoy Orlando downtown condo living in one of the newest and best located condo towers. 

No doubt when the Orlando condo market improves the units will eventually revert back to private ownership as rental leases expire and the units go up for sale once more. But for now you can rent a studio loft at 55 West with up to 1032 Square feet, for $1000-15000 a month.

If you decide to head down there alone, make sure you register Condo Metropolis as your agent and tell them we sent you and we’ll give you an exclusive cash rebate when you move in! We’ll also be touring so better still, give us a call and we’ll head over there with you and help you get a month’s free rent! It’s all at your new home at the 55 West apartments downtown Orlando in conjunction with CondoMetropolis.com


  1. Great Blog!!!

    It’s sad to see some of these amazing condo buildings going rental. We are dealing with similar issues in NYC. From my perspective the best part of this for buyers is they got their deposit back. I’ve seen some buyers who are pretty upset at their luxury condo buildings turning rental or rent to own.

  2. studio loft at 55 West with up to 1032 Square feet, for $1000-15000 a month.

    15000, thats a bit steep!

  3. Studio loft at 55w with up to 1032 Sq-Ft, for $1000-1500 a month is very steep! Considering they went bankrupt before finishing building out the units, well put it this way ever heard the expression you get what you pay for! Little next to no money means cheep faucets, flooring and so on. You might get ok if you get a unit from about the 10th floor down but any floor there on up? You figure it out. Ha! Luxury

  4. Hello apartment shoppers,

    I just toured and applied to live at 55 West (Church Street). I ran the numbers on buying a condo, renting in College Park, in Thornton Park, and – for me – 55 West makes the most sense.

    For better or worse, I really kinda obsess when I’m forced to decide something, and what bigger decision than figuring out where to live. Marcus was quite the agent: professional and patient and most importantly pleasant.

    I’m really sold on Orlando. Happy to give any kewl person my inside scoop. You can reach me thru Marcus.

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  6. Having the condo filled and the association stronger makes sense. Many condos and townhomes in MN have done the same and it can actually be a challange to find one to purchase. We have sold quite a few last month – basically, because there were few options for sale.

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