Bella Piazza – Some Amazing Deals

Bella Piazza luxury condos in Davenport (SW Orlando) are doing some incredible blowout deals right now. For those of you waiting on a deal on a second home or holiday villa close to Disney, this is the place to jump on – now. The Bella Piazza developers are releasing a limited number of units at about $100K off their retail pricing. This is a real deal. I have two clients writing contracts already and I’d encourage anyone who’s looking for designer finishes at bank owned prices to step up. Bella Piazza condos will be top of my Top Ten Orlando Real Estate Deals next month.

Bella Piazza vacation villas are located south west of Orlando (about a 25 minute drive) in Polk County. They’re closer to Disney however, hence the popularity of Davenport with second home owners. What makes Bella Piazza such incredible value is that these units are newly built and are all fully upgraded throughout – not just the kitchens. Plenty of tile including the living room and beautiful wood cabinets in the kitchen and every bathroom along with granite surfaces. They look fantastic.

Best of all, every Bella Piazza condo comes fully furnished. And the furniture packages are actually pretty attractive. Everything is included right down to the towels and silverware. The place is fully turnkey and ready to go. You couldn’t ask for more.

Price: Bella Piazza has two, three and four-bed villas. My most recent clients picked up a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom for about $135K. the furniture package and upgrades are worth about a third of that alone. There are other condos that are very popular with second home buyers not far away that are the same price and more on the resale market – but they’re not a patch on these.

The sales staff have been swamped of course, and there are only a few units left at this time. If you’ve been waiting for a deal, this is it. It’s the best value I’ve seen on a product like this.

Call us on 407-290-3408. We have a great relationship with Bella Piazza sales staff and I’ll personally try to get a unit reserved for you at a great price. Who knows, they may even be some closing cost assistance to be had…


  1. Hi, i am interested in the condos at bella piazza, could you let me know if there are any still available, and current asking prices, also if there was any with pool view or large corner balcony.
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Tracey, funny you mention it, I’m about to head there now for another client… they have two 2-beds left, and one has a pool view. Luckily my Canadian client doens’t want the pool one because it’s $10K more at $125K. If you’d be interested let me know asap because they are going quickly. Are you in the UK? That email looks familar. Email me and I’ll pick up mail on my phone. Deposit is 10% – no offers on these blow out prices. I’m hoping they haven’t already been sold. I’ve done a couple for other oveseas buyers last week and these seem to be going very fast. They’re about to put their prices up by 8% because of the rush they had on them, so let me know! I’m leaving here in the next 10 mins.

  3. 1. How large is the complex (# of units)?

    2. What is the association (HOA) fee? (pls indicate whether monthly or annual).
    Thank u.

  4. Dear sir ,

    I am interested to buy property vailla / condo at bella piazza for rental business purpose , kindly advised to whom should i contact do u have a good deal , what is down payment will i be able to get mortgage .


  5. Hi Marcus

    Please contact me on E-mail if there is still some condos availeble at Bella Piazza.

    Best Regards

  6. Hi,Im am interested in purchasing a 2 or 3 BR unit if available..are these for rent only or would we be able to use it as a second home..thanks….I will be in the area next week…Mike

  7. Hi,

    Are there any 2 or 3 bedroom Bella Piaza units left and at what price? Also, what are the condo fees, and property taxes for each respectively?

    Many thanks,

  8. Those units all sold out a long time ago. If you’re still interested there may be some foreclosures there by now or short sales. Those might be worth looking into. If you’re not already working with another Realtor I’d be happy to chat further with you about possibilities. Feel free to give me a buzz at your convenience.

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