Best Deal in Town?

Millennium Palms condos

Millennium Palms is an Orlando condo conversion about a mile from the Mall at Millenia. It’s block construction (unusual for a conversion) and all upgrades included (new kitchen, new AC, tile etc. etc.). You can still get a 2/2 condo at Millennium Palms for $129,990. You also get 3% closing cost with a preferred lender and also a year’s HOA fees paid. It’s not the most prestigious neighborhood in town, but don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else quite as good as this for the money.

I was there again yesterday to pick out a condo unit for an out-of-state client and overheard a conversation that prices would be going up $5k at the end of the month. It will still be a good deal after July 1st, but if you’re buying one anyway, do it in the next few days and you’ll save another $5k! Ask us – and we’d be happy to give you the full scoop.


  1. I tell you
    the condo prices down there are a lot nicer 🙂
    I should live in the US

  2. I am actually now in a state where I am a little afraid to buy. How much lower are they going to go. With so many good deals around, I am still dealing with the fact that my ‘fantastic” deal from 2 years ago is steadily loosing its glory.

  3. After reading this, I added Millenium Palms to my list of properties to check out, and I have to say after looking at it, it looks like a steal.

  4. Let me tell you about living here. When we first were intertested we were told that these would not go for rent and now they are. There are constant breakins cause the front gate is always broken and matnance is horrible. T. V.s in the work out room always stolen, and the alams on the door dont work. Pool is dirty about 1/2 the time. Property manager just dosent seem to care about anything except for her check which we as homeowners pay for the assetments!! This property is not worth it go look somewhere else. Why do you think they are so cheap cause they dont tell you it is in the middle of the ghetto.

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