Capri Condos close out in Hunter’s Creek

Capri condos in Hunter’s Creek are selling their final few units and heavily reduced prices. In fact the developer claims that “No reasonable offer refused” Now that’s what I call a Buyer’s Market! Capri was one of our first Featured Condos on and it’s a very good community.

As we reported last month, a handful of the condos were not closed on by investors who had overstretched themselves and were subsequently returned to the developer. Hunter’s Creek is a great neighborhood and an underpriced deal at Capri might turn out to be a great find for someone who’s looking to buy in that neighborhood at a marked down price. If you’d like to take a tour and see what you can get for your money, give us a buzz here at Condo Metropolis. We’ll get you set up for a visit and make sure you get the best deal in town!

capri condos

Stop Press: There are only three left… all 3 bed, 2 bath…

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