Chocolate Fountains

The Fountains at Millenia hosted their broker party last night. I suppose the real building won’t be made of chocolate but last night the chocolate fountain ruled – at least for me. Call me the Fondue King, but that’s where I hung out. Along with the strawberries and the Champagne. There was a band and a raffle and all the usual fun that goes along with such events. I even found time to learn a thing or two about the condominiums — grabbed a couple of brochures.

Ok, so to the relevant stuff. The Fountains are new construction condos not far from the Mall at Millenia. The flyer I picked up says: New construction 3/2 condos starting at $199,900. Sounds good to me given today’s construction costs. And if you’re in the healthcare industry you can take another $10k off the sale price. Pre-sales have already begun and Buyer’s Day is this weekend, so, if you’re looking for a pre-construction deal, let us know and we’ll bring you up to speed!


    I love Fondue 🙁
    mmmmmm strawberies!
    LOL u spelt strawberies wrong 😛
    U lucky bastard! I wish i could of gone!
    Hit me up next time! I wanna go!!!
    Screw all the old people if theres chocloate then IM THERE!

  2. Sounds all good, but who is actually sitting in the devolopers office and decides on the names for all these new projects. Did we really need another community with “FOUNTAIN” in its name. I am just scratching my head in amazement to read about all the upcoming, uninspiringly named projects (Lake ..blah .Residences..blah Park..blah), then I slowly apply a new level of HEADON to my forehead.

  3. I just placed earnest money down on one of the units at the Fountains at Millenia. Took a risk and made the decision based on the area and layout of the complex, even though I paid site unseen. Since I’m in another state (Oregon) at the moment, is there a model (pictures) that will become available to see that the final result will look like?

    Hi Darren: This is a classic example of where you could have used a local agent like condo metropolis at no cost and had someone here fighting your corner. Now that the deed is done, unless you’re within your 15 day recission period, you’re pretty much committed. As for model & pics, isn’t that a question that the developer could answer from whom you purchased?

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