Condo Deal of the Month!

Tired of seeing condos listed on the MLS with bogus pricing that requires third party approval? Want to buy a condo at a real, guaranteed price?

This 1/1, 1200 square foot condo (plus loft) has vaulted ceilings and is in a great community in Metro West, one of Orlando’s prettiest neighborhoods. It was purchased for $135 a couple of years ago and as a result of the condo crash it is now available for just $85k (that’s $50k off – or a 40% reduction – or just $70 per foot!).

Central Park Condos Orlando

This is not an “It’s up to the bank scenario” – it’s been successfully negotiated already and will be available for that price in the next few days. Live there yourself, or put a renter in there and with a chunk down, you could cashflow. Cash is king on condos and if you’ll be needing a mortgage then call us right away since these are proving tricky right now. Monthly HOA dues are reasonable at $273, which cover the exterior of the building (including roof) and all of the common elements (2 pools, 2 tennis courts, clubhouse, gym, cabana grills, 2 car care stations etc.) I can’t see this one lasting long… call us on 407-290-3408.


  1. Finally! Pricing is coming back into a realistic price per square foot range. Unfortunately, I’m not interested in a 1/1 unit. Once this unit sells and the deed is recorded, it will make a perfect comparison for all the other still-overpriced condos/townhomes in the Metrowest area. I think you’ll start seeing a lot more condominium and townhome prices coming down to the $70/sq foot price by the end of the year.

  2. Is this price negotiable? I would prefer a 2/2. What about a small house in the same area?

  3. Hi Ginny, There is a 2/2 943sq ft unit located at 6142 Westgate Dr #203 in Central Park that is listed to be auctioned at the upcoming REDC auction on September 24th. The starting bid price is $1,000. There really aren’t any small houses in Metrowest & the house prices in Metrowest are quite a bit higher than the condo prices.

  4. Craigg, can you tell us any more about the REDC auction you mentioned? Many thanks for all your input! P.S. If you’re interested I noticed a 2/2 unit in the same complex today for even less. Let me know if you’d like the info!

  5. Sure Marcus, Here’s the website listing the dates & the properties available at the auction. The auction is being conducted by REDC-Real Estate Development Corporation. It’s been advertised on tv pretty much non-stop for the last couple of weeks.

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