Condo Metropolis gets Posh’d!

posh'd logoOuch! We just got posh’d. It sounds like something that might happen at a Spice Girls’ wedding – but I’m told it’s actually a good thing.

Shaun McLane has started a new site called Posh’ aimed at showcasing the country’s best real estate sites. And he picked us as one of the opening sites… Awww… thanks Shawn – we love you too!

In the site’s About Us section Shawn explains:

“Ever visit other Real Estate websites for inspiration? Ever notice how many of them are VERY similar? We support those of you trying to break the mold and make the real estate sites on the web a better experience for everyone. We’re here to promote you and your fine work, but we also hope that up-and-coming site developers will be able to use Posh’d as a place for inspiration. We want to raise the bar for all Realtors and their sites.”

We’re honored… *blush*


  1. Congratulations, being in danger to sound like a fan boy,I think that your blog is one of the few ones I not only find full of information, but actually ENJOY reading. Keep it going

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