Golf Nuts: Deal of the Year at Reunion?

As promised last week, here is news of the latest deals at Reunion Resort in Orlando. Last weekend, Bobby Ginn met with the Reunion sales team and announced several new phases of amenities to come to Reunion along with the immediate expansion of their own multi-acre Water Park. Ginn will also make all Reunion owners / members part of Ginn Clubs, by introducing The One Club which will grant reciprocity to Ginn members so that they can access other Ginn communities. This means if you’re a member at Reunion then you’re also a member of several other Ginn Resorts i.e. Bahamas, Hammock Beach (one hour away), Bella Collina (20 minutes way), North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont, St. Thomas, etc. giving you access to several top ranking courses and world class amenities.Watson Golf Course - Reunion Resort, Orlando

Along with this news, Bobby Ginn also announced the best deal since 2003 to become a part of the Reunion family. They have a limited number of brand-new, three bedroom, three bath Villas located in the heart of the community (next to the future Reunion Square and current Water Park). Located on the Watson Signature golf course they are being offered for an average price of $375k! They are also offering a furniture package for $25k that will completely furnished the condo (including technology) to be “rental ready” per Ginn Specs.

These are the best prices we have ever seen at what is undoubtedly one of the premiere resorts in Orlando.


    PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 29, 2008 – In response to the growing frustration over his disastrous investments in two of Bobby Ginn’s high end golf resorts, investor Hilton Wiener decided to set up a web site and blog entitled, with the intention of reaching out to similarly situated investors. Upon comparing notes with other investors, it seemed there was a barrage of lawsuits against the smooth-talking Bobby Ginn alleging violations of federal and state law, deceptive trade practices, fraud and misrepresentation.

    One suit filed by 99 disgruntled Michigan investors even alleges that the entire Ginn machine is nothing more than a huge Ponzi scheme since it was promoted as an investment vehicle, in violation of SEC regulations, and the properties were marketed to be flipped and sold at inflated prices. It is alleged that the early purchasers included Ginn, his buddies and employees who made unseemly and undisclosed profits in simply flipping the lots, reselling them for profits of hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes in a matter of days.

    Wiener decided to put up the site after realizing that he was in the same predicament as most of the other investors that purchased at the much hyped all-expense-paid party “launches” and was left “holding the bag.” In many of the Ginn developments, he claims that amenities that were promised in glossy brochures were never completed and the heavily marketed resorts now resemble mere ghost towns, with a flood of foreclosures.

    The response to the Ginn lawsuit web site was overwhelming. According to Wiener, it seems there were literally thousands of Ginn investors spread all over the world that felt they were duped and conned. The properties are worth a mere fraction of their purchase prices. In fielding all the responses, it seemed that every investor had his own story of being hyped, conned and misled. The common theme among the complaining investors is that the property was promoted solely as a vehicle for a quck flip and easy profit. Investors were targeted as opposed to end users and they were urged to purchase multiple properties.

    Although Ginn characterizes such complaints as nothing more than the fallout from the recent poor real estate market, Wiener points out that the web site has disclosed numerous allegations of activities that are, to say the least, highly improper and not at all indicative of even the most heavily marketed real estate projects.

    Ginn Real Estate brought this complaint against Wiener with the National Arbitration Forum pursuant to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution policy claiming that the domain name registered by Wiener should properly belong to Ginn. According to Wiener, the complaint is nothing more than a desperate attempt to close down his site and silence communications among aggrieved investors.

    According to Wiener, “I am not looking to sell real estate or promote golf resorts by taking advantage of or improperly using the Ginn name. This is nothing more than a “gripe site” which is clearly permissible. Ginn’s claim is so groundless that it’s purpose can only be to put financial pressure on me in a vain attempt to stop the groundswell of complaints and litigation against Ginn.” Wiener claims he will vigorously defend the complaint.

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  3. In many of the Ginn developments, he claims that amenities that were promised in glossy brochures were never completed and the heavily marketed resorts now resemble mere ghost towns, with a flood of foreclosures.

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