How To Make A Foreclosure Offer


  1. Thank you for your video. It is very informative. Many Foreclosure buyers have the notion that they can bargain with the banks and then lose the deal.

  2. great video – We see that often in our market. People try to beat the bank out of another $2 and loose the deal. What most of them don’t realize is the bank’s losses are being subsidized

  3. Tell me about it Jason… the trouble with real estate is that everyone knows just enough about it to think they know it all, and to screw up every deal they try to make.

  4. Thanks for the video Marcus. I have been told by a realtor that banks now require proof of wire transfer of fund to the title company in order for them to consider an offer, is that really the case? This makes it sounds like making offers on properties to be fairly expensive, consider that each wire cost $30 and the fact that I may have to make offers on multiple properties in the current hot market.

    I’m from Canada, usually, banks will accept personal checks or money orders.

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