International Plaza Condo Hotel Offers Vacation Incentives

International Plaza Condo Hotel, OrlandoWe recently reported on the number of Orlando Condos like Bella Trae that have started offering cheap trips to potential out-of-state buyers as a way of enticing them to visit the condominium. The condo-hotel conversion International Plaza Resort (formerly Sheraton) on International Drive is offering 3 days / 2 nights at their hotel for only $69 if you wind up signing a contract agreement.

Now, you need to actually want one of these condos to make it worth your while of course, but if you’re considering a condo hotel anyway, and could do with a vacation – it’s worth a shot. The deposit required is $5,000 if you decide to buy. They are also reimbursing up to $1200 for the cost of the trip down, payable at closing.

I have to say I like this place. It has two main advantages for my money over some of its competitors. 1.) It’s already built, so there are no worries about pre-sale requirements, and 2.) It has the best location in town for any condo hotel. With the Orange County Convention Center next door, 80% or above occupancy is virtually guaranteed. If you’d like more info on this resort, or fancy a tour (or have no idea what a condo hotel is) drop us a line!


  1. Is the International plaza condo up for auction?
    If so do you have any idea of the starting price.
    What are the details on travelling out to view the property.

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