Legacy Dunes Condos Kissimmee (Orlando)

Legacy Dunes Condos are just off SR192 in Kissimmee – just a stone’s throw from Celebration and the Disney attractions. Located in Osceola County, Legacy Dunes condos can be rented out short term – either by the investor, or by the onsite management company, just like a hotel. This makes Legacy Dunes condos more flexible in some ways than the Orlando condos (in Orange county), which must be rented for a minimum of 6 months at a time per Orange County regulations.

The majority of the condos at Legacy Dunes sold out some time ago and are now available by resale only. There are some fantastic deals to be found on the MLS at the moment, however many are short sales. The bank owned deals are best of course, but you’ll usually find multiple cash offers on these deals and it can be a tough time landing one without help.

So here’s the good news: The developer has a handful of Legacy Dunes villas left that were never sold and he is now prepared to let them go – at prices that will compete with the banks.  The best news is, while you will get foreclosed pricing, you will not have to compete with a dozen other hungry investors - nor will you have to worry about the condition of them as they are move in ready.

These Legacy Dunes condo deals are not listed on the MLS (or anywhere else) so contact us here at Condo Metropolis if you’d like to know more! There are 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms available at the time of writing, but only one or two of each left. Garages may also be available.

Serious buyers should call Condo Metropolis on 407-290-3408 for more info. (Leaving “comments” below for other readers won’t necessarily attract our attention.)


  1. Would the developer be willing to hold the financing for a little more of an offer, with say $10,000 down? Or would he be interested in swapping for a commercial property in Canada that is in a developing community. The rent from the tenant would pay for the mortgage taxes etc.
    The area is being revitalized with 23 million dollar input from both local and provincial governments near the Buffalo New York border.

    what are the fees (monthly?)

  2. Hello!

    I would like to receive more information about the Legacy Dynes Condos available. I am speacially interested about 4 BR, maybe also 3 BR. Information (condo+resort), pricing and photos would be great to receive.

    Best regards,

    -Timo Pasanen

  3. Please email me information on available inventory and prices. I do cash purchases if the price is right. Thanks.

  4. please send more complete informaiton about legacy dunes’ developer deals. 2/2 or maybe 3/2

  5. Hello and thanks for the offer of assistance. Please send me additional information about the three bedroom units. thanks

  6. please send me details of any 2 bed apts that you have for sale at the moment with prices.
    thank you

  7. Please email me information on available inventory and prices. I’m a cash buyer and interest in once of the unit if the price is right.

  8. Would like a list of legacy dunes units available as I am a cash ready buyer. Thanx D.Arbeau

  9. I bought one, 2 bed 2 bath, painted, carpeted, it’s now like new. Focused on one area, Legacy Dunes kept up on bank owned units, checked the Ocseola County records for transactions, knew of bank owned units before the realtors, had to bid on several before getting one, but got a great deal. Love the unit, pool, ansd snack bar, staff is great.

  10. I’m a serious buyer interested in a 3 or 4 bedroom condo. Please forward information to my email. Also include maintance fees.
    Thank you for your time.

  11. It appears the foreclosure market in Legacy Dunes is beginning to slow (Spring 2011) which should see condo prices start to increase.

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