MetroWest condo sales soar

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According to the lastest MetroWest newsletter, 2006 sales were strong – and only the Waterford Lakes area closed more homes in 2006 - by just two. My guess is that with the new, enhanced security MetroWest now enjoys, more buyers will feel confident enough to buy in this neighborhood again, and 2007 will see an even stronger surge – relatively speaking.

MetroWest’s resurgence has a lot to do with the opening of Veranda Park. Kevin Azzouz, the developer of this multi-million development was not about to let the neighborhood continue its slide into the ghetto, and off duty police officers have been patrolling the neighborhood 24/7 since March.metrowest sales chart

The results were almost immediate and MetroWest is now receiving press coverage all over Orlando as an example of how a neighborhood can be turned around at relatively little cost.

At the beginning of the year, the media and our blog was talking about the latest armed robberies to take place in MetroWest, and I even had clients who would tell me, “I don’t care where I live - so long as it’s not MetroWest.” Now I’m seeing like: “Crime Statistics Drop After Police Presence Increases,” and crime is  reported to be at virtually zero.

MetroWest is also rumored to be getting its own police substation soon. That should be the icing on the cake. Arguably the best looking neighborhood in Orlando, the presence of the local Pine Hills neighborhood has always been a thorn in the side of MetroWest. But I’ve always felt the downturn was temporary. And thanks to Mr. Azzouz, it was.

Hats off to you, Mr. Azzouz.

For more info on MetroWest’s Veranda Park, see our Veranda Park Condos page.


  1. Nice! At least Metro West has a good name. Unlike, Pine hills a.k.a Crime hills. Now maybe you can actually sell some condos! When are they supposed to be haveing that Police Station that you talked about along time ago in one of your blogs? It NEEDS to be built! Or I personally will go kick some unwanted glutious maximus! And that my british friend, you can quote. It came from a limpet!
    So tell them peoples I WILL take care of business if THEY dont. Thanks 🙂

  2. Again, thank you for spreading the good word. Last year I made it my singular focus to eliminate crime in MetroWest and that is exactly what happened. It is the result of a clear mission and a focused strategy driven by Google technology.

    Best regards,

    Kevin H. Azzouz

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