MetroWest to get police substation?

orlando police badgeRumor has it that MetroWest may soon have it’s own police sub-station. And not before time. Two nights ago I woke up to a noise that sounded like a shotgun. It turned out to be a vehicle in the condo complex across the street that was ablaze – complete with exploding tires and gas tank. It took the police about twenty minutes to get there.

One of the rumored locations of the substation is on Raleigh street in the plaza at the junction with Hiawassee. Let’s hope it’s true. Anyone have any further info?


  1. just for the record there is a typo (Hiawassee)

    But as for the subject, I have not heard such a rumor. I am not sure if this is a good idea or bad. MetroWest has been a great place for my family, but I also know what people call it. I believe that the media also is hurting the community name.

  2. Oops.. Sometimes my fingers get the better of me!
    I’m curious though… what could be bad about it Margaret?

  3. 4-3-07: After attending a neighborhood watch meeting at Central Park tonight, I can confirm that there should be a police substation at the plaza opposite the Wachovia Bank next to the Cardio Studio on Raleigh St. by about June ’07.

  4. Honestly….I don’t know why there should be a police station. If the residents are stupid enough to need the police then aparently there is something wrong with the neighborhood. Maybe a police station would be good, or maybe it would just disturb the society even more.

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