Millennium Palms – New Price Structure

How about Foreclosure pricing without the hassle of a foreclosure – and without having to do any rehab?

That’s what the developer at Millennium Palms condos is offering right now. Pricing at the Millennium Palms condos has always been good, but it just hit rock bottom at about fifty cents on the dollar. Here’s the latest price structure - just released.

  • 1×1 $49,990
  • 2×2 $59,990
  • 3×2 $69,990

Perhaps the best thing about these condos is that they are fully upgraded, including the boilers and HVAC systems – inside and out.

Tere Alvares the sales manager at Millennium Palms told Condo Metropolis: “We’re FHA approved – which means we’re one of the only places in town you can still get financing on – plus you only need 3.5% down instead of the usual 5%.”

 First time home buyers, may also qualify for the Orange County Downpayment Assistance Program, “It’s a great program,” says Alvarez, “which can contribute as much as $35K.”

 The developer is also paying many of the buyer’s closing costs. The icing on the cake? You can reserve a condo at Millennium Palms for just $500.

If you’d like a tour, just let us know!


  1. This apartment complex is rough and run down. The office staff is very unprofessional; they will give a decent impession to begin with but in time you will really meet who they are. It maybe a good price but pay the additional 25-50 to save yourself the hassle and stress.

  2. wow realy i wanted to buy a cndo but you got the rudest people in the office maitnance take s forever fixing things here ive bein living here 3 years the new manegent are rude they dont do anything when you go give a complain i rather pay more then lve another year here you got people selling drugs n they dont do nothing this place looks like a getto sins new mangement took over

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