Mortgage terms more important than prices

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“I’m waiting to see what happens to the prices.”

“I still don’t think we’ve hit bottom yet.”


For overseas buyers, the exchange rate is far more important than the price. And for U.S. buyers, personal credit score and the ability to qualify for a mortgage in 2008 will become a far bigger issue than hoping to save an extra $10k on the price. This video says it all. If you’re still unconvinced once you’ve read that, check out Blanche Evans’ post at


  1. Great Video guys!

    It’s a good thing I planned long term 19 months ago (about how long it took for my pre-construction house).

    The market in Calgary has corrected 10-12% in past 4 months, there are alota speculators cutting their losses- I guess they never intended to take possession or thought it might take 6 months to sell.

    Quick, short term flipping- is dangerous business, when there is no real value add. Riding the appreciation wave is ok long term- not in the short run.

    Looking forward to your next video- I think anyone looking to buy or sell should be tuned into your site.

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