Orlando Auction – World Quest Resort

Absolute Auction

15 Sell Regardless of Price! No Minimums • No Reserves

World Quest Resort Orlando will auction 15 luxury condos “absolute” on Saturday, September 6, 2008. The condos are said to be guaranteed to sell regardless of bid price – no minimums, no reserves. Both 2 and 3-bedrooms will be available. All have upscale kitchens and private balconies. It’s a fantastic neighborhood, quiet and secluded – yet just one mile from Disney. You may opt in or out of the management program.

World Quest Resort, Orlando

The resort also has a grand swimming pool, fitness center and best of all, rental management is available.

Registration: 8:00 am • Auction: 11:00 am (EST)

Pre-Sale Inspection: Property is available for viewing daily by appointment from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. beginning August 23.

Online Bidding: Available subject to certain guidelines. Contact us.

You will need to pre-register to take part in this auction and be able to produce a check for the deposit on the day: 2-bedroom condos – $10,000 personal check, business check or certified funds; 3-Bedroom Condos — $15,000 in personal check, business check or certified funds. Closing in 30 days.

Note: World Quest Orlando is a condo hotel resort. Buyers may not live there full time. If you are not paying cash, look into financing ASAP. Overseas buyers will probably not be eligible for a mortgage at this time on a condo hotel product.

For more information and pre-registration paperwork and tours, call Condo Metropolis on 407-290-3408 or email Info@CondoMetropolis.com


  1. A couple of thoughts: 1.) This is a condo hotel, how will buyers get financing? 2.) The last few of these auctions have been shut down after just one or two sales…

  2. That a great point that this previous writer asks. Are there any assurances that this auction will not end after selling only a couple. I know of another “absolute auction” that is scheduled Sept 6th also in Vero Beach area at a development called “The Antilles” where the auction company is guaranteeing that at least 10 of the 16 homes will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. That is going to be interesting to see what happens there.

  3. I called the auctioneer on Antilles. He says the bank
    is pushing the developer to get the units sold. Most
    of the calls of interest seem to come from the local
    residents. Vero Beach is seasonal. September
    is the slowest month for real estate. I will be there
    to update the results.

  4. Thanks Rob/Joseph! There is no guarantee that the auction will not be shut down early and my guess is that it probably will be – but the first couple of bidders could do very well if that happens!

    Here are more answers to some of the questions asked:

    Q. Can I bid online?
    Yes, we can help set that up for you.

    Q. What can we expect for price?
    It is very hard to say with auctions – often if the prices are starting too low the developer will close the auction, however since this is an absolute auction the starting price on each one will be whatever the first bid it… no reserve.

    Q. Can you tell me about annual taxes and HOA ?
    You can estimate taxes roughly by multiplying the purchase price by about 1.6% but I’m not a tax professional so if you’re truly interested I would need to look these up individually. HOA is $560 a month which covers maintenance for the entire building and all facilities like pools etc. and also insures the outside of the building as well as the roof. You only need to cover the electricity/phone etc. on the inside.

    Q. Which phase is for sale?
    I believe that phases 1 through 7 are complete. The units on auction will be in buildings 4, 5, 6 & 7 You can choose from 87 units on offer if you win the bid.

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