Orlando Condo Conversions Convert

We’ve been here before: Back in December 2006 we were already seeing condo conversions go back to rental. Then in January, Eola Place went belly up. Then there was Knightsbridge at Stoneybrook – a fairly recent loss - and so the condo merry-go-round continues.

To keep track of the latest then: Studio Park on Kirkman is rumored to have gone into bankruptcy; Orlando condo conversion The Cottages in Hunter’s Creek has gone back to rental; likewise condo conversion Lakes at Maitland; The Mission Club is still selling - but has also started re-renting to supplement developer funds, which means if you buy there, you’ll likely be living with a mix or owners and renters. But so many are now doing this that I can’t even list them. Such is life right now on the Orlando condo market. Others are destined to suffer the same fate – all of which sounds dreadful – but for the smart buyer, it continues to mean great deals.

Remember, the time to buy is when the market is down and people are scared, not when everyone is jostling for property in the middle of a boom. Just make sure you know which project your money is going into. And remember, a real estate agent costs you nothing when you buy, and using one will likely help you make sure you’re money is going into the right condominium.

Ask us about the current Orlando Market. We’re here to help you find that great deal!


  1. It’s good to see this realistic blog, because the one thing that realtors often do — speak bullishly no matter what — influences people to not believe what they’re being told. Talking candidly about market conditions, on the other hand, can actually generate some buyer optimism, at least about a strategy that might work despite bearish market conditions. “The Mass. Mouth” @ landbrokr.com VISIT MY BLOG !!

  2. What do you know about Studio Park. I’m buying there and I need to know everything before I sign.

    Please give me info.


    Oscar, if you want the benefit of an agent’s experience, then you need an agent! That’s like saying to a lawyer, “I’m about to go to court and I don’t want to hire a lawyer, but I want you to tell me everything I need to know to defend myself anyway.

  3. I am looking for a recent condo conversion of 357 units on a golf course near Orlando built in 1996.

  4. I am trying to find a list of condo conversions in Orlando. Is there such a thing? I’m trying to find out if Las Palmas at Sand Lake Condos, Plaza at Millenium Condos, Southern Pine Condos, Madison at Metrowest Condos and Central Park Condos are conversions or not.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  5. There is no such official list that I’m aware of. We do keep our own in-house database however. Are you looking to purchase a condo yourself? Best way to contact us is to call 407-290-3408. These comments are not always moderated. Thanks.

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