Orlando Home Buyer Expo – The video!


  1. Hahaha, i was just watching this on the home page! Great job Marcus, and Jens. HAHAHAHA home buying PROcess. God, i’ll never forget that. Thats some funny stuff. Not everyone needs an agent tho. The whole form of the video is great, but u didn’t add your e-mail to the video, so how are they sopose to e-mail u if they dont go on your site since the video is on youtube? You also mentiond that its FREE, is there hidden charges? Some poeple might think that. So make sure you state that there is no hidden charges….like they do with cell phones…that stuff makes me want to choke a chicken till it lays an egg. Other then that, GREAT job!

  2. Marcus you make me SOOOOO proud
    your first condo video
    now we need to make one together, okay??

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