Phillips Bay HOA Suing Builder

Phillips Bay Condos in Dr Philips area: Moldy roofs, missing stucco and porches phillips-baycompletely removed…

“It’s been happening since 2001. There have been issues we thought it could be patched and fixed but its just systematic through the whole entire place,” said Brock Shields, former HOA president.

One resident’s patio has been condemned after water seeped through the roof and rotted the wood.

The home owners association filed a lawsuit against the builders in 2007. An attorney for Deluca Homes says they tried to fix things but the HOA kept stopping them. (The HOA would not comment.)

A hearing for the civil case will be held October 12 2009.


  1. DeLucca Homes built the same townhome floorplans in Toscana, another Dr. Phillips subdivision, in 2005-2006….I’m sure those owners will start noticing the same poor craftsmanship and mold problems within another year or two. The construction problems in Phillips Bay are so severe, I don’t believe they can ever be completely corrected without gutting all the units down to the concrete slab and rebuilding them.

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  3. This place is poorly built. No insulation. You hear everything, from neighbor flashing toilet to more. It’s a money pit where people have moved on and out for years and the only ones that stay is dishonest board members that bully and harass you if you speak up at all. They don’t spray for pest control and there is a huge bugs problem in here hard to keep up with. This place needs to be demolished. The only wa to have a healthy building is rebuild it properly.

  4. Hoa “non profit” board membera rent two townhouses for years but do Not report income on yearly budget. Treasurer in wheelchair is the most deceptive of all. The money goes into a mystery account and we don’t really know what happens after that as they just give you bullshit answers. HOA needs to be audited from an outside company so that this can be stopped. They keep asking for money and say they need a loan and come up with whatever story and if you ask questions or try to rebel they will make your life miserable and force you move. I agree this place is a hell.

  5. Board members are dishonest and abusive. They rent two townhomes for $4,000 a month but do not report on budget. Embezzlement!

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