Psht! Look Busy, Jesus Is Coming!

jesusPeople often tell me that they’re interested in seeing this new condo place, you know, the one… can’t remember the exact name, the one with “Millenia” in the title. Ok, that’s easy enough right? I mean, how many can there be? Other than the Residences at Millenia, Millenia Cove, Millennium Palms, The Plaza at Millenia, The Fountains at Millenia, and um, I’m already bored.

If you tend to get confused by this lack of creativeness, you’re not the only one. If we didn’t have our database, we’d be climbing the walls too.

Now, the grandmother of them all, the Mall at Millenia, isn’t taking too kindly to all this Millenification and is insisting that all of her offspring kindly change their names, if you please. Apparently, they think they own the word. But how can this be, you ask? A Millennium is a period of a thousand years; Millennia is just, well, many such periods, right? Correct. Gold star in your Latin class…

BUT Millenia (one ‘n’) is how the Mall spells it. Okay… so the guy who built the mall can’t spell, he’s a builder, not an English major. Besides, this is America, who cares about stuff like spelling?

The thing is, the people who built the condos copied him, so now neither of them are referring to this wondrous period of 1000 years when Christ will reign on earth, but some airport sized concrete parking lot next to I4 (which will soon be jammed up by even more traffic trying to get to that new Swedish furniture store Ikea.)

Anyway, all this by way of letting you know that at least one developer has buckled under the strain – and we now have one less condo with the word “Millenia” in its title.

Sooo, which one is it and what’s it’s new name? Winner gets free advice not to buy anything within 5 miles of the new IKEA.


  1. Ok, I found the answer to the spelling issue!!

    “I had to investigate, but I’ve cracked the case. The people that originally bought the property, named this area Millennia. When they tried to copy write the name, that spelling was already taken. So they changed it to Millenia. And there you have it. Have a good evening.”

    Shaundra Mikesell
    Guest Services Supervisor
    The Mall at Millenia

  2. i Nefer knowtized the sbeling ov Millenia beeeing nod korrekt, vats al the fuss ?

  3. P.L. Gold star for you – although your spelling’s a little off.. lol.. It’s the place formerly known as “Residences at Millenia”, henceforth known as “Villa Medici” – which is Italian for: “My lawyer made me do it.”

  4. They spelled the word “Millenia” wrong on purpose, so they can use it as a trademark.

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