Publix is Paramount

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Rumors that Publix is pulling out of the Paramount condo downtown Orlando are untrue according to both companies – who started a new rumor last week that despite the delays, the supermarket will open at the Paramount on East Lake Avenue this summer.

But downtown residents aren’t holding their breath, they’ve been hearing a similar rendidtion about the new downtown movie theatre for the last year or more.

But when both the grocery store and the movie theatre are finally in place, developers may find that there is finally some demand for those towering condos. 

After all, man doth not live by nightclubs alone. Movies and food are also necessary. 


  1. I am so glad I found your blog, even rumor blogs like this are handled in a professional way. I am normally not one to blow sugar at the bloggers, but in this case I am glad you keep your eye on the Orlando market and keep us all informed.

  2. Indeed, the Publix in the Paramount condo complex will be opening this summer. In fact, I believe it opens next Saturday (September 6th). My husband will be working at the store and has seen it, so there is no doubt that it will be opening as planned.

  3. A new company has reportedly struck a deal with the developer for the movie theatre and projected grand opening dates are now for early 2009. Don’t hold your breath.

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