Reunion to Slash Condo Prices?

Sounds like Reunion is getting ready to move the remaining Villas at Reuion Square. These are the condominiums surrounding the waterpark and downtown area that they have been selling at prices ranging from $635,000 to $705,000 with an incentive package. It seems the company is going to eliminate the incentive package and slash the prices on these units instead. It hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re anticipating an announcement to us Thursday evening. I’m hearing $375,000 for an unfurnished unit and $430,000 for a furnished unit. Call us next week for details.

Reunion is a beautiful community just south of Orlando with 3 championship golf courses and it’s own water park. The resort contains condos, townhomes and custom built homes over $2 million.

reunion golf resort orlando


  1. Hmmm…. can’t help but be less than enthusiastic about it.

    Isn’t this just the same deal re-packaged??

    Reunion – Kings of what I call ‘The Pencil Pitch’ – you can make anything look anyway you want with a pencil and piece of paper.

    Before they were $600k with $6k per month cash back for two years. Simply they were implying they would provide this cash from rentals but of course the renal program isn’t achieving anywhere near this figure. So now the $6k has dryed up and the purchase price drops significantly?! Its a fantastic sales pitch. Its why Reunion set world records in sales when it released a few years back.

    Its the same deal more or less, only now they aren’t drip feeding you your own money back while you pay interest on it for two years.


    The ‘Downtown’ area is presently an over-spill parking lot for the incomplete waterpark. I wouldnt put any value on this location… it is very much incomplete, YEARS from completion infact.

  2. Guy,

    Wouldn’t the whole point be to buy before it’s completed? At the bottom of the market? Reunion was just voted Top Golf Resort of 2008 for all of North America and the potential it has in the years to come is tremendous!

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