Sanctuary Condos Double Restaurant Closure

We first posted the opening of the Sanctuary Diner in March 2009 as it re-emerged from its prior life as French-themed Fifi’s. Unfortunately, the Diner didn’t make it. Nor did Graze, it’s upscale neighbor.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, both restaurants under the Sanctuary condo building simultaneously closed their doors on May 26th 2009. Both restaurants were owned by Steve Kodsi, the developer of both the Sanctuary condos and Star Tower condo buildings. You can read the Condo Metropolis interview with Steve here.

Shame – they were two nice eateries.


  1. I miss Fifis. I was a huge fan. I went there several time with family and friends. Never tried Graze, but I heard it was really good. Tough times for restaurants, though.

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