Solaire Auction Practice

auction gavelSolaire Practice Auction
For those who
register, there will be a practice auction on February 29th at the Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Orlando.  The Solaire practice auction will demonstrate the auction process and help you become more comfortable for the March 1st event.  The practice is also a great time to ask the auctioneer any questions you may have about the auction process.  For more info on the Solaire auction see our previous postings.

  • You can use this form to begin registration.
  • You can read the terms and conditions here.
  • You can find our Solaire condo listing here.

Deadline for registration is 6pm Friday February 29th.


  1. If these condos are really a bargin at 170k and according to interviews with the owners in the Slantinel “they will go fast”…

    Then why the huge media buy from Clear Channel?
    Do you really need to run 1500 spots if they are a ‘bargin”?

  2. It was about 2 hours ago Gail. I’m afraid you missed the boat. The auction is tomorrow but it’s too late to register now. It’s not too late to register for the Tradewinds auction though which is in a month. Give us a buzz on 407-290-3408 and we’ll fill you in!

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