Tradewinds Auction Prices Available Now – Limited Time!

Condo Metropolis is pleased to announce continued pricing on a limited number of Tradewinds condos for those who can act quickly. Auction pricing was $85k plus a 10% buyer’s premium = $93k.

Condo Metropolis can secure a unit for you with the auction company at this same $93k price for very a limited time.

Quick-FactsTradewinds Model

  • Built 1989-1991
  • MetroWest Orlando, FL
  • Converted to condos 2005
  • HOA (home owners association fees (“maintenance”) = $187/month
    (covers water, sewage, trash, master insurance, common areas etc.)
  • New roof in 2007
  • All units “as is”, i.e. no upgrades, no incentives, no closing costs etc.
  • All units currently unoccupied

Offer applies to “Mariner” floor plan ONLY

  1. 943 square feet – first floor
  2. 950 square feet – second floor

If you’re serious about buying, and can move quickly and can close in about 30 days (financing ok), then contact us immediately for a list of available units on 407-290-3408.


  1. If they “condos” were built and designed as apartments in the 80’s, how sound are they when being converted to condos? I view 2 units this past summer and it seemed all they did was cosmetic upgrades such as the granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, etc. How structurely sound are these types of units? When talking to one of the realators, who was overly aggressive for me to purchase one; he jump hoops around that question until I finally gave up asking.

    The only benefit in buying a condo conversion anyway would be for an investment purpose.

    BTW: Marcus, I love your site. Don’t hate 🙂

  2. Well you know me Darren. I just can’t help but tell the truth, so here it is. Some condo conversions are wood frame, others are concrete block (which are perhaps stronger and provide better sound insulation but tend to look like army barracks.) Either way, they were built to rental standards, rather than condo standards. There’s nothing structurally ‘wrong’ with them, they’re just built a different spec. True, they’re rarely upgraded structurally, just inside. Often, they come ‘as is’ – like the current Tradewinds offer.

    As with anything in life, you get what you pay for and conversions can provide a relatively cheap step onto the property ladder for first time buyers, or an inexpensive second home or investment for those looking to acquire another property. They’re not for everyone, but at the price these are now being offered it’s hard to go wrong.

  3. Tradewinds are 100% wood frame construction (no cement block). Prior to the condo conversion (around 2004 or 2005), much of the wood siding on many buildings had to be replaced due to extensive termite damage. From what I’m able to tell, the units available at the auction price $93K are the smaller 2/2 model and that these units are offered AS-IS without any interior renovations. You’ll get a unit with original 1989 kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures etc….not the upgraded remodeled units shown on the Tradewinds website. The price is a fair price if you really want to buy a place and don’t care that it’s a beat up old apartment. Now if you can get a fully remodeled unit for $93K, that would be a good deal. Hang on a few more months and the prices on nicer/newer metrowest condos will come down.

  4. I think you were the one who cautioned me on buying one of the units at the Fountains at Millenia, which I wrote you a negative comment back. If this was you, I’m sorry, and you were 1000% correct. I should of taken your expert advice. Luckily I was able to get out before they turned rental and moved into Millenia Parc, which I think was a wise investement; I only hope they will start of the Gardens at Millenia project soon. Anyway, I owe you a beer sometime. Cheers!

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