They’re Condo CRAZY!!

Ok, this is quite possibly the most bizarre, random, age inappropriate, fawning over the condo lifestyle that has ever come to pass… I love it. It was posted by our friends at (Congrats on your new Web 2.0 guys). Anyway, I’m still not sure I get it… I mean, didn’t even know what a “condo” was when I was at school – but you can’t get more enthusiastic than this. Question is, should Condo Metropolis hire them for our next advertising campaign??


  1. Well, I say that you SHOULD hire us for your next advertising campaign!
    Thanks for posting this! If we have enough material, we might make a second.

  2. I would hate it when I have to read all those boring blogs for work if it wouldn’t be for moments like this when I come accross little gems like this. Thanks for brighten up my day. I loved it and laught my head off.

  3. I think you should hire us too. 😀
    I think we’d make you proud. then we can have a party… IN A CONDO IN A CONDO!!!!

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