What’s in a Name?

metrowest signMetrowest needs its very own superhero if recent media accounts are anything to go by. Apparently, we have more drugs and .45 handguns than a South Bronx crack-shack. Will this affect the value of local real estate? Duh. Just last night, there was an armed robbery at Central Park.

If only we could snap our fingers and just make this whole Metrowest thing go away. It’s a bad rap – after all, the problem is not really Metrowest – it’s the over spill from Pine Hills, right?

But wait! someone has come up with an ingenious solution:


“Welcome to Veranda Park.” Orlando’s newest neighborhood.

Genius. Problem solved.

For more info on MetroWest’s Veranda Park, see our Veranda Park Condos page.


  1. I just love this kind of problem solving! It really speaks to me. My father is part ostrich.

  2. It is just amazing how fast the name Metro West has turned from disirable area to crime central ghetto. I moved here almost 2 years ago and everyone told me that this was THE neighborhood, and I be lucky to find a good deal here. Now people are more like “oh, you live in Metro West” and a sympathetic head shake.
    Veranda Park sounds good to me.

  3. Not sure about the “Veranda Park”, a little bit longer and we be glad to get the official “Upper Pine Hills” label.

  4. With the Veranda Park name change comes a price. A huge price. A lot of questions to be answered, like “When will the fountain at Hiawassee Rd. and Westpointe be done?” Isn’t a year and a half long enough?

    Read the Orlando Sentinel Article about the managing partner of Veranda Park. “From Rats to Riches” on the Veranda Park website.


    More information to be found at:
    http://www.metrowest.bravehost.com Be sure to vote and sign the Guestbook with your comments.

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